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Almost here. . .

The Count Down Has Begun! Day  2 Pre-Order Yours Today!

BCC Business Expo & Ice Social Update

A Wonderful Success!!! Hello my Simple Treasures: Just wanted to kidnap my blog right quick and let you know that the Bellflower Chamber o f Commerce Business Expo and Ice Cream Social was a success. As you know QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections is a online company dedicated to greetings and gift ideas that has finally developed enough product to now begin entering the vending world; and its been good so far. After all, we're only four vendor events in. We are learning as we grow and if we keep up this pace, who knows where we will be in the future.  So what have we learned from prior and recent events? We've learned the following: Count Check Inventory : Do it a couple of days before the event so that you can restore what you don't have and see what you need. Create a Task and Need List: Write down all that you need and go over this list often to make sure you have everything and it's packed in with your product.  Condense and Organize Inv

The Abstract Twins

QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections Introduces a new product "The Abstract Twins" T.A.T Inspired by Pop Culture Icon   Peter Max From the new I'm Sorry "The Art Collection"  Greeting Cards .   These are what we call  F.E.T. Framed Edition Treasures QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections Taking greetings to whole new level. If you would like to see the whole I'm Sorry "The Art Collection" greeting cards or to purchase this beauty displayed below please visit our website at Photo Credit: QS Images Remember our motto:   You don't need a holiday to celebrate a loved one. ~Until . . .

I"m Sorry "The Art Collection" -People Praise . .

I'm Sorry "The Art Collection" Greeting Cards Are really peeking people's interest. Why? We understand it's because they are not like your regular greetings. They are bright, light, artistic, beautiful and elegant with wonderful messages to match. These are so cute! I have someone to give one to right now.   ~Tonisha Jester Wow! I really like these. I've never seen anything like them . ~Ruth Aguilar OMG! I love these, they are so different. That "Heart" is my favorite. ~Latanya Seale  I love the I'm Sorry Collection ~Jeanine Neal These are amazing . ~Ashley Quash I really like your new greeting cards. They are very nice. ~ Jonathan Johnson  Get your Simple Treasures Greeting Cards today! Simple Teasures "We know how you feel. So we know just what to say." Get your Simple Treasures Today!

Fear Can't Go Where We're Headed . . .

It's me the CEO, dropping a note, hacking my own blog. 😊😁So I'm setting up this presentation for an upcoming potential store hosting opportunity. Wow! You'd be surprised how fast time moves. Never really thought we'd get here, but here we are. I can't lie, I'm super nervous, and afraid because this is truly uncharted territory for me but in the words of Beyonce "Fear can't go where I'm headed". So we will see if where I'm headed, will be the destination I seek. Actually, who am I kidding? It will be whatever God say and I'm great with that. Just want to leave you with this. It's okay to feel what you feel when you're going after something you want. It means you're close, it means it's exciting, it means, you're doing what you're supposed to do. So keep moving ahead, even if it doesn't turn out to be what you wanted, or expected, take the experience and learn what you can from it. Because, all that m

Ice Cream Social . . .

"SAVE THE DATE" Ice Cream Ice Cream Everyone screams for Ice Cream!!! Hey Simple Treasures : We know it's been a while but we wanted to give you a break and at the same time take a breather. 😃 But we're back and you can catch us at the Bellflower Chamber of Commerce Business Expo  and Ice Cream Social.   So come, network, and titillate your taste buds and purchase QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections .