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QS: Simple Treasures News and Announcements

QS Simple Treasures & Greetings News & Announcements Hey Simple Treasures ! Guess what? QS Simple Treasures & Greetings LLC Now has a LinkedIn Page and Youtube Channel. We want to you to continue to grow with us on our journey and to further connect with you on many other platforms. So, Simple Treasures we would love for you to click, subscribe and leave a comment  about your experience and products. Links Below πŸ‘‡ QS Simple Treasures LinkedIn QS Simple Treasures Youtube Remember you can find us at the following links: QS Instagram QS Facebook QS Twitter QS Pintrest QS Etsy But of course our website QS Simple Treasures & Greetings LLC Our Motto: You don't need a holiday to celebrate loved one. Or yourself. ~Until . . .

QS Announcement: Author & Poet Until. . .

QS Simple Treasures & Greetings Presents Author & Poet  Until . . .  Latest book  Dreaming Of A Place "On The Wings Of My Imagination" Never quit your daydream. As that is the declaration of Until when she says " Daydreaming through life is what got me here."  Dreaming Of A Place  "On The Wings Of My Imagination"   is an opus that displays the playful, daydreamy side of Until. Butterflies, flowers and feeding fishes in the sea, what else could there be? Creativity, intelligence and shared musical inspiration. A light-hearted tome to bring you joy in these current times. This book will be published on Until's birthday, May 23rd and you can pre-order now or gift her with your purchase of her book. If you would like to purchase Dreaming Of A Place " On The Wings Of My Imagination" please visit our website at . #happybirthdaytoUntil44 #Dreamingofaplace #onthewingsofmyimagination #authorandpoetuntil #quandaragraves #

QS Announcement: Sienna Sauce

COVID19 Asseveration

How are you Simple Treasures? πŸ˜” We hope you all are doing well during these trying times right now.  I know this is and have been very stressful for a lot of us. Being mandated to stay at home. Figuring out our job situations, our finances for our families and companies, but please take comfort in knowing that everything is going to be alright. We believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We want you to know that we are doing our part in taking the necessary precautions in cooperating with the rules of staying safe and donating where we can to help others move forward at this time. Safety RulesπŸ‘ˆ Wearing our masks Wearing our gloves Washing our hands over the 20second rule (soap and water) Lysol wipe downs Staying in our home Please see below a few placed links we thought would be helpful in regard to this pandemic. We wanted to send you some information with hopes it would ease your mind. Particulars about s mall business grants, tips to stay safe, testi

QS Announcement: CANCELED

Black History Month

Food and Wine Lifestyle Magazine  Features Dreams "Are Meant To Be Lived"  Oolong Tea Get yours today! Please click the link below ↓ #blackhistorymonthfeature #qssimpletreasuresandgreetingsllc #Dreamsaremeanttobelivedoolongtea #authorandpoetuntil #quandargraves #corbrodesigns #cuisine