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QS Announcement: Author & Poet Until. . .

QS Simple Treasures & Greetings Presents Author & Poet  Until . . .  Latest book  Dreaming Of A Place "On The Wings Of My Imagination" Never quit your daydream. As that is the declaration of Until when she says " Daydreaming through life is what got me here."  Dreaming Of A Place  "On The Wings Of My Imagination"   is an opus that displays the playful, daydreamy side of Until. Butterflies, flowers and feeding fishes in the sea, what else could there be? Creativity, intelligence and shared musical inspiration. A light-hearted tome to bring you joy in these current times. This book will be published on Until's birthday, May 23rd and you can pre-order now or gift her with your purchase of her book. If you would like to purchase Dreaming Of A Place " On The Wings Of My Imagination" please visit our website at . #happybirthdaytoUntil44 #Dreamingofaplace #onthewingsofmyimagination #authorandpoetuntil #quandaragraves #