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The Encourage-MINT Radio Show . . . .

TONIGHT (Thurs.) 7pm(pst) on The Encourage-MINT Show join us for this POWERFUL & HELPFUL conversation birthed from my personal situaton. We will be talking about having Endurance for the Journey.We will also hear stories of ENDURANCE from Author Patrick Burton & Poet, Entreprenuer "Until" - FB Live &

Poet, Author and Entrepreneur . . . Update...

  This was a fantastic show. We loved the structure and set up and really enjoyed that our CEO was allowed the opportunity to show her poetry chops. 😄  If you would like to learn more about our CEO's journey, the history she has with LaLa Deville/Everybody Radio Station and to hear her wonderful poetry. Click the link below ⇣

I'm A Greeting Card Writer . . . (CEO Rant)

I've wanted so long to be a greeting card writer. I've submitted to Blue Mountain Arts several times, I looked up Hallmark but they have very strict guidelines on everything. But you know what? Never let anyone dictate your future. In the year of 1993 I came up with the bright idea to have my own greeting card line. After all, I was already a poet making a name for myself, since I wrote everything under the sun, developed my own writing style and loved words and greeting cards so much that to me,  this was a perfect fit.  So I started setting up the structure of my cards but the vision just wasn't setting in. Nor were the words. It wasn't coming together. But I was young and I guess I had a lot more living to do before I could truly express in this art form. At least, that's what I told myself. However, in my mind, since I've received so many greetings, and had also given a sundry of countless cards, I felt that I was connected to them in some kind of way