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QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections are wishing you . . .

and a To you and your family! Be blessed. QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections Team

A word from our Sponsor . . .

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Almost your last chance . . .

Tea is here. Place your orders now! Last shipment comes in January! Then the Dreams “Are Meant to Lived” Oolong Tea will be gone until September 2018. QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections Team J

Something Out of Nothing

Think Thank "The Bathroom Poem" Autographed by its originator  Author & Poet Until . . . Get yours before its gone! Price: $15.00 Size: 4x6 or 81/2 x 11 The summary of how this poem came about from the author and poet Until . . . "I looked around my home and I realized, how have I been a poet and now an author and I have none of my poems posted. I said I don't even know where to start. So my husband was like wow! Well, start with the bathroom. An hour later we were watching TV, I said I got it!  I wrote this poem, printed it, autographed it and put it in a frame in our bathroom. It was really written as a funny joke for us. Then, others thought it was really funny and now; God blessed me to sell it individually and through the newly emerging company  QS Simple Treasures Greetings and Collections .  Something out of nothing can be so powerful.  If you're a thinker, a visionary, a

Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea is Good for you? Who knew?

Dreams  "Are Meant to be Lived"   Oolong Tea "Jasmine,   Strawberry   and Peppermint " I guess you could say that  our Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea is a super tea because the ingredients that is provided is inclined to help you increase your health. Don't believe us, well read the listed articles below and see if our tea isn't for you or someone you know. Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea is not only delicious with an amazing aroma and great packaging, it's good for you too! Now what can be better than that? Nothing.  *Smile* Get your tea before it's all gone! The Tea

We Apologize . . .

Announcement: Hello our Simple Treasures:  There are a couple of you that had to endure waiting a little longer for your order than you should have because of our recent Tea'Shirt vendor change. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you do to our delay. For those that had to wait should now have an email from Emily letting you know that your order is now on the way. We need you to know that we value our Simple Treasures Customers and so we thank you for your p atience and support during this small obstacle. You will be happy to know that we have made the necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen again. May you have a great day and wonderful rest of the week! The Tea Division QS Simple Treasures Greeting & Collections Team