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QS Announcement of New Logo & Price Sheet

QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections Greetings & Tea Division Dreams "Are Meant To Be Lived" Oolong Tea

Tea is here . . .

Hello Simple Treasures: We are happy to announce that your favorite tea is here. Yes, Dreams "Are Meant To Be Lived" Oolong Tea is here and you may now place your order right now. Please see below our  in transition logo and price sheet along with the Paypal Link:   QS News: As you've seen our previous post we are currently in transition of changing our Dreams "Are Meant To Be Lived" and tea logo as well as the price sheet.  Please note that this order will be the last one with the logo below. However, you will still have the option to get the same Dreams "Are Meant To Be Lived" logo on a shirt once premeire the new one. We thank you for your patience, feedback and support. You guys are wonderful.  Now stop lollygagging reading this and order your tea! 😉    

Goodbye . . .

Saying goodbye to our beginning "Price Sheet".  We will always have it in our hearts but onward and upward right?! So get your last looks because it will be no more. New Price Sheet Coming Soon!!! Emily Styles Stacher Greetings & Tea Division QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections

Tea & Verse . . . Our CEO Feature

If you’re like me and love all things tea (beautiful china settings, fragrant teas, dainty sandwiches, hearty scones and rich clotted cream), then please join m e for the Tea & Verse Poetry Salon and Tea Gathering on Saturday, August 25, 2018.  Not only will you enjoy the captivating poetry of the featured artists-- Until, Jasmine Colbert, Urith Walker and Totress Beasley--you will also experience an elegant tea service by the wonderful staff of The Four Seasons Tea Room.  FYI- Tickets will not be sold at the door so get your tickets before August 21st.  Come and treat yourself! Seating is limited so get your ticket today! For a complete tea menu and ticket information, please visit Eventbrite at: For more information on Author & Poet Until please visit her book blog at

Farewell To Our 1st Logo

G one but never forgotten  however, in life, upgrades, changes for better, following suite to progression is a must. This logo came at a rushed time when everything seemed to be falling in our path to stop us from launching on our set deadline. But we were determined. 😉 We had everything but our logo, so a friend said "give me a description and I will make you one right quick" and, there you have it. Turns out, it was the cutest thing and we all loved it for what we needed at the time.  This logo is very significant to us as it became apart of our stapled beginning and while we are constantly growing and changing everyday. We will put this in our Hall of Fame Logo folder and bring it out every now and again to never forget how we started.  And while the logo has changed, the message remains the same. Dreams "Are Meant To Be Lived"   ~Until. . . Farewell Logo

Progression . . . A note from the CEO

When I see the quote that you view listed above, I wholeheartedly feel wonderful about it. Because not many people get that idea. But that is truly how I live my life. For years, I've worked hard and because I indulge in many things, it probably looked to others that I was all over the place, you know, scatterbrain. But that didn't matter to me, because I knew they couldn't descry my vision. For years, I would say, I'm going to write anthologies, outset my own greeting card line, vend my poems, inaugurate my own tea and later a creative cup collection.  They couldn't descry my vision However, to others, even though knowing me and seeing that I've executed and achieved other feats, it still looked as though, I may not progress in accomplishing these particular dream goals. Simply cannot fathom the heights But what I notice is that sometimes, it's not always that they wish you non-success. Its that their way of thinking is limited. It's that t

Aren't They Pretty?

Yes they are! The Packaging "Simple yet Elegant" Always Ready For Shipping Photo Credit QS Images "Where Beauty Is Captured"