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Reinvention . . . Thoughts of an Entrepreneur

R einvention is an interesting word, to me, it states change, newness and inspires you to think outside of the box to become a visionary. Ignites the spark within you to take charge, grab the bull by the horns to manifest what you see in your head.  When you set out to achieve a dream-goal of starting a business, you begin one way, even though you may not know where to begin, or how, you start, and sometimes for a lot of us, we are figuring it out as we go. So the language of that is working with what you have until you can do better, producing one product at a time and using that revenue to move forward to producing another because you don't have enough money to launch them all at once. As well as getting your paper work in order to be a legitimate business.  One item, whenever you can because you know that you have to begin like this or you will never begin. You must step out on faith and trust that the Lord has you. Assuming you believe that way .  But it has to be d

Inspire. . .

It is not . . .