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Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" pt. II

I hold fast to my dreams Like Langston Hughes told me  to Glad he did because mine would've died Long before they were supposed  to Because when life gets in the  way Depending on how your cards are  laid It's so easy to become discouraged and  dismayed Yet and still, I hold fast to dreams Because they are always trying to  escape Through the windows of situations, circumstances     tragedies  and un- expectancies ... But I shall not let them go I shall not let them  leave I know my life is more than    what it currently  perceives My dreams are my  youth My dreams are my  proof For if I let them die Old I will become. Sinking in regret. Thinking of only the ability and potential I had Never did I  pursue , Never did I  use Never did I  do ... Anything with  it I let the sky be my  limit When I could've went way beyond stars I shall not be that rocking chair woman with only lemonade and wisdom to  give ... I shall  live ... By making my d

Purpose: The Poem. The Tea. The Campaign . . .

The Poem. The Tea. The Campaign. The Poem:   Author and Poet  Until  was asked to be the poet of the night for a prestigious event called Elevate Genius at the Yost Theater, December 2015. Prior to being asked, she was currently working on a poem she thought was special but didn’t have an idea as to how it could be utilized. Moving forward, Elevate Genius was created and coordinated by a foundation called Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action inspired by the memory and dream of Jesse Tahim, which happens to be one of the co-founders (Pamela Tahim’s) brother. Pamela at the time was invited by a friend to attend the Poetic Uprising Series where ( Until’s Poetry Residence was being held)  and it was there that she heard Until share the poem as a sneak peek, and from that point she received the spark and inspiration she needed to proceed with her plans and commissioned Until to perform her poem Dream “Are Meant to be Lived” pt. II for the Elevate Genius Gala . Next, the p

QS Simple Treasures GC Press . . .

QS Simple Treasures Greetings and Collections have been featured with the following: Quanda R. Graves better known as Author and Poet Until featured on Beauty and the Beat February 2016 discussing the pre-mature launch of her new company and greeting cards called QS Simple Treasures introducing the first them "Sometimes I Wish...". Quanda R. Graves featured on Beauty and The Beat Radio Show in January of 2015  discussing her book "I Just Want to Write" and her new soon to be launch of her greeting Cards "QS Simple Treasures" in 2018. Author & Poet Until featured on Lady Talk 101 March 2017 Radio show to discuss  her book called "I Just Want to Write" and future projects, such as her new line of greeting cards called "Simple Treasures"coming late 2017 but got pushed to early 2018. More to come, trust me we're working on it.  Remember if you would like to purchase our new seasonal Dreams "Are Meant

QS: Simple Treasures Seasonal Oolong Tea is...

Said to be Christmas in a box and what a wonderful present!   ~Author and Poet Until... --FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- U (Press Release) – October 11,  2017 Quanda' Significance, llc, (QS) is a new parent company that is set  to begin releasing one joy at a time (as they say), and the first extended branch from their tree is called QS Simple Treasures Greetings and Collections. A company that specializes in greeting cards and gift ideas. They have just introduced their new seasonal  Dreams "Are Meant to b e  Lived" Oolong Tea .  Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea  was created by Author and Poet  Until  which was named after the poem she first premiered at the Yost theater in December 2015 for the Elevate Genius Gala, put together by KHCAF.  Until  dedicated the poem to the Kind Hearted-Compassion in Action Foundation as she felt their mission was synonymous with the message of her poem; as well as to many others with dreams deferred