Monday, February 5, 2018

Simple Treasures just a pre-order away . . .

Quanda' Significance, LLC (QS)
"The Parent Company"

Now Launching

Their first line of greeting cards

Simple Treasures

First Themed Edition

Sometimes I Wish . . 

Simple Treasures  Greeting Cards have been created to bring back sweet sentiments that are missing in today's era. Along with fun, fresh, creative and poetic simple verses with golden age prices, that won't break the bank. Clear and Concise with your heart in mind. Small greetings with BIG sentiments.

The "Sometimes I Wish" theme hosts six hand drawn illustrated cards and the messages are dedicated to romance, encouragement, self-esteem, appreciation, love and new beginnings
All for just $3.50 each.

We will be releasing two cards at a time and in honor of Valentine's Day and pre-ordering is now available for the first two:


Wishing Well

Please see below the new QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections Brochure

Valentine's Day is coming soon.

We'll be waiting!!!

Simple Treasures
"We know how you feel. So we know just what to say."

If you would like to purchase a Simple Treasures Greeting Card
either the Dandelion or the Wishing Well out of the 
Sometimes I Wish Collection