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Top 10 Reasons Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea should be . . .

 Top 10 Reasons
Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea
"should be added to your Tea list"

1. It's an Oolong Tea = Best of Both Worlds
2. The Taste = Delectable. The combination of flavors are perfect.
3. The Blend = You can't find anywhere else (new). Fun fact: it's the creator's three favorite flavors
4. The Texture = Smooth, not too thin or thick, just right.
5. The Aroma = Inspirationally daydreamy and our customers (Simple Treasures) say it's like "Christmas in a cup."
6. The Foundation = Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea is great either hot or cold. Sugar is not required and has great pairing possibilities with Lemon or Strawberry and other items.
7. The Packaging = Delightfully endearing, not only to have on your shelf but great for gift giving.
8. The Reputation = People love our tea and the company its from, QS Simple Treasures & Greetings LLC.
9. The D.A.M.T.B.L Oolong Tea's Mission = Provide "Happy Tongues & Joyous Taste Buds" while inspiring you to chase your dreams, revel in moments and encourage self-care. Motivate you take an oath to remember to put you first. Last and really one of the best parts, it derived from a poem written by author and poet "Until" in which the tea is named after. Moreover, another fun fact, once she was done creating the tea and had her final tasting, the flavors inspired another composition from her entitled, "Until It's Gone".
10.  The Feature = Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea was reviewed and featured in the Cuisine Noir Food & Lifestyle Magazine in 2020.

*The Bonus = Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea is not only good to you, but for you, as it is loaded with antioxidants, supports your digestive tract, helps with your immune system and much more.

As you can see, if you don't have this Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea on your list, you are most definitely missing out if you're actually a Tea lover. But listen, don't be too hard on yourself because truth be told, Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea is a secret that is starting to no longer be contained. If you would like to share in the Dreams Are Meant To Be Lived Oolong Tea experience please visit our website today and purchase yours at

Our Motto:
You don't need a holiday to celebrate yourself or a loved one.

QS Simple Treasures & Greetings LLC

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I LOVE Uuuuuu. Congrats on creating more dreams. 💚
    Love, Urith

    1. Urith! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. I love you too!!! Happy New Year! See you one day soon. <3 Until ...


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