Friday, February 1, 2019

Valentine's is almost here . . .

The Why don't "Bright Idea" Love Series Collection

Light bulb w/surrounding hearts:

Why don't we . . .
Take a day off work
Go to the beach
Take off our shoes
Play in the sand

Light bulb and Champagne:

 Why don't you . . .
Call in sick and I'll do the same
You get the chocolate covered strawberries
I'll get the movies and champagne
And we'll meet back at home!

Two bulbs in a heart:

Why don't you . . .
Come home tonight
Turn off the lights
Cuddle and hold me tight
'til the mornin'

Light bulb dad and kids:

Why don't you . . .
Take a load off
While I run an errand with the kids
Give you time to yourself
Like I had before you got here

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Simple Treasures
"When life gets complicated"

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