Saturday, August 11, 2018

Progression . . . A note from the CEO

When I see the quote that you view listed above, I wholeheartedly feel wonderful about it. Because not many people get that idea. But that is truly how I live my life. For years, I've worked hard and because I indulge in many things, it probably looked to others that I was all over the place, you know, scatterbrain. But that didn't matter to me, because I knew they couldn't descry my vision. For years, I would say, I'm going to write anthologies, outset my own greeting card line, vend my poems, inaugurate my own tea and later a creative cup collection. 

They couldn't descry my vision

However, to others, even though knowing me and seeing that I've executed and achieved other feats, it still looked as though, I may not progress in accomplishing these particular dream goals.
Simply cannot fathom the heights

But what I notice is that sometimes, it's not always that they wish you non-success. Its that their way of thinking is limited. It's that they are small minded and because they simply cannot fathom the  heights of where you want to fly; then it must be, it has to be impossible for you. So, in most cases, don't take it personally. Honestly, it's just a battle they are fighting within that has nothing to do with you. 
If you're true to you

What I've learned about life is, it's not how fast you go, or if you're way ahead of your friends or others ('cause you're trying to keep up with the Joneses). If you're true to you, if you're indulging in your passion (s) with qualities of humility, patience, discipline, ambition, determination and focus, along with planning, organizing, consistency, persistence and prayer; never trying keep up with trends or fads and you're just doing you, you're gold. If you take your time, pace yourself and do it the right way. All things will come together and you will eventually see your dreams come true.

Exploring my reveries to see a manifestation

The friends in my current circle have been around me along time and they remember all that I said I would do and they now see how far I've come. Also to be clear, I'm not where I would like to be yet and no, I'm not rolling in doe but I am internally and externally exponentially happy and reveling in peace with traveling my journey by exploring my reveries to see a manifestation. 

But from the year of 1993 to now of what I've dreamed, and continually dreaming of, I have not been afraid to grow slowly but only of standing still and I haven't done that at all, because I believe in a few quotes, the first one above,  as well as "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Last but all at all least, see below.

You should to! Moral of the story, progression is key, honestly.

Thank you!



  1. I love it! Regina G. Mixon, Women Destined 2 Win International

    1. Thank you very much Regina. Yes, Women Destined 2 Win.