Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Why don't Collection . . . Is finally here!

The Why don't 
"Bright Idea" Love Series Collection
Order yours now
$3.50 each, $10.00 frame and $14.00 for the collection

Why don't you . . .
Call in sick and I'll do the same
You get the chocolate covered strawberries
I''ll get the champagne 
and we'll meet back at home

Why don't we. . .
Take a day off work
Go to the beach
Take off our shoes
Play in the sand

 Why don't you . . .
Take a load off
While I run an errand with the kids
Give you time to yourself
Like I had before you got here

Why don't you . . .
"Two bulbs in heart"
Come home tonight
Turn off the Lights
Cuddle and hold me tight
'til the mornin'

There are four in this collection
The first to buy two (2) of this collection will get a bottle of Champagne and a small box of chocolate on us!

Simple Treasures
"We know how you feel. So we know just what to say."

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