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QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections but . . .

What is QS?

Hello there Simple Treasures! 

It's so nice of you to stop by. As you already know we are QS Simple Treasures Greetings and Collections. But people have been asking, well, what does the QS stand for? QS Stands for Quanda' Significance, LLC (QS), the moniker (The Parent Company) for which Simple Treasures and many of our other companies reside under.  Please see below the beginning history of QS. We hope that as time goes on you continue to follow us on our journey with hopes of us becoming and making an even greater historical legacy.

Quanda' Significance, LLC (QS)
The Parent Company

The name was inaugurated in the year of 1993 in the eleventh grade during a pottery class. Quanda R. Graves created a cup and placed the initials QS on it and a friend asked the question, what does those initials stand for? At the time, she had no clue and responded, I don't know. So her friend,  replied with, well, I think you should just put your initials on the cup; and Quanda did just that. 

Quanda, nevertheless still pondering, took the cup home and placed it on her desk, kept it in plain view to look at it constantly, and it wasn't until then she realized her love of many panoplies that coincided with what she does and who she is. Quanda has always been known as a poet, a writer and just a creative being period, so the fact that she developed a cup with initials out of nowhere aroused her to contemplate the future of this, which indeed is her normal. 

As time grew while her mind continued to seek meaning to QS, the feeling of the cup and the initials also engendered the vision of  Quanda's very own greeting card line. Quanda, being acutely in tuned with her love of words, pens, paper, cups, art and mainly almost anything beautiful and founded, she knew that from those reveries it would be a significant thing to extraordinarily own a world of materialized gems originated from a sundry of categories formed from her imagination, passion, potential and joy. 

Then it happened, Quanda, decided, (though this would be a long way off) but when it all transpires, she would have a place where customers could purchase her products known under the appellation Quanda' Significance, LLC (QS)

Quanda indulges in countless endeavors with intense fervor and is currently working to emerge them all, but because of the innumerable content and fruits, she understood that a parent company would be in order. There you have it, Quanda' Significance, LLC (QS).

Quanda R. Graves

Owner & CEO
Quanda' Significance, LLC (QS)
The Parent Company
"What's significant to you?"

QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections
Post Office Box 1656
Bellflower, California 90706


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