Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Encourage-MINT Radio Show . . . .

TONIGHT (Thurs.) 7pm(pst) on The Encourage-MINT Show join us for this POWERFUL & HELPFUL conversation birthed from my personal situaton. We will be talking about having Endurance for the Journey.We will also hear stories of ENDURANCE from Author Patrick Burton & Poet, Entreprenuer "Until"- FB Live &

Monday, November 5, 2018

Poet, Author and Entrepreneur . . . Update...

This was a fantastic show. We loved the structure and set up and really enjoyed that our CEO was allowed the opportunity to show her poetry chops. ๐Ÿ˜„

 If you would like to learn more about our CEO's journey, the history she has with LaLa Deville/Everybody Radio Station and to hear her wonderful poetry.

Click the link below

I'm A Greeting Card Writer . . . (CEO Rant)

I've wanted so long to be a greeting card writer. I've submitted to Blue Mountain Arts several times, I looked up Hallmark but they have very strict guidelines on everything. But you know what? Never let anyone dictate your future.

In the year of 1993 I came up with the bright idea to have my own greeting card line. After all, I was already a poet making a name for myself, since I wrote everything under the sun, developed my own writing style and loved words and greeting cards so much that to me, this was a perfect fit.  So I started setting up the structure of my cards but the vision just wasn't setting in. Nor were the words. It wasn't coming together. But I was young and I guess I had a lot more living to do before I could truly express in this art form. At least, that's what I told myself.

However, in my mind, since I've received so many greetings, and had also given a sundry of countless cards, I felt that I was connected to them in some kind of way. Being a writer, in my opinion is spiritual. It's your soul speaking through ink, on paper and as my quote reads in my book on the last page of I Just Want to Write!  "A vocal ink, an emotional sheet, how could you not indulge in letting your soul speak? That's writing." So I wholeheartedly felt that I could very much among other things, be a greeting card writer.

I had a legion of conceptualized "wannabe" sketches of what I wanted my greeting cards to look like, or thought they should look like, that I grew frustrated and stopped. Moved myself forward to the other part, the inside, and none of those concepts were working either. I couldn't understand it. I'm a good writer (I thought to myself), and usually when people put something in front of me to write, I possess the power and ability to quickly grasp the impression of the document and formulate my own. But to no avail, not for these greetings. But why? Why can't it gel to me like everything else? Why isn't it easy? Needless to say, from 1993 until, I reworked all of my greeting ideas every two years until the triumphant year of 2008

I was at a new job, in a new city, in a new apartment and just trying to get acclimated. Even an old friend of mine in which we parted friendship in 2004 were back on speaking terms and picked up right where we left off. I used to read poems to her to get her opinion of them. I guess this was right on time.  Because one day at work I reckon creativity was immersed in the air because it hit me like a ton of waves. I realized it was here. This is how my creative juices flowed and it hadn't hit me like this in a while. When I say it hit me, it was like a ton of bricks, I mean it. In one fell swoop, I received the style, the words and themes. 

I rushed home in traffic because I didn't want to lose this blessing. Luckily I only lived 15 minutes away. I got home, put down everything and went to our closet and pulled out the tub that held these precious jewels. I turned to my husband and said I'm going in the bedroom and I don't want to be disturbed for two hours. After that amazing quiet time spent, I had written 75 greeting cards and I couldn't have been more elated. Of course I had a few reworkables but, for the most part I was good and though this was a major feat, I still had mountains to climb. As this was just the locutions.

I now had to wait for my visions of what each term would fit. Meanwhile I was so proud of myself that I decided to apply for greeting card writer positions or submit the one's that I would be okay with letting go of and got rejected numerous times. Hurt and disgusted (Okay, so I'm very dramatic๐Ÿ˜), LOL! Feeling disappointed, I tried again.A BIG FAT NOTHING! I became done and said to myself "I bet not see my stuff anywhere else" (a threat to them to make me feel better) LOL!. Fast forward, the visions came in, I got my stuff together, found a couple of illustrators, showed them my sketches, gave them my words, they became inspired and BOOM! I'm a GREETING CARD WRITER!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Now, I receive compliments for my themes and messages all of the time, and it's cemented with purchase.๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Now, my company QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections has launched a few products so far. Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea, Simple Treasures Greeting Card Line with two collections and a third on the way. One is called "The Sometimes I Wish Collection and the other, The Why don't "Bright Idea" Love Series Collection. They are also available in framed form. Moreover we currently have the special edition autographed poem by yours truly๐Ÿ˜‰, known as Think Tank "The Bathroom Poem" with more to come.

Like I said, don't let anyone dictate your future. I am what I set out to be and much more, for my comfort, and what I'm happy with. I'm not only a greeting card writer, I'm a creator, visionary and executor. How about that! Please remember QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections for your greeting card needs. See purchasing and informational links listed below.

CEO Rant . . .

Monday, October 29, 2018

Look at those beauties . . .

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The Sometimes I Wish 
Greeting Card Collection Boxed Framed
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Where Do I Begin?

Whether I'm on a speaker's panel, doing a book signing, supporting others or pitching QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections. Among all other questions, the most popular of choice I run into is;  where do I begin? I have to say, I love that question because I used to feel that way when I was in the beginning of furthering my passions with purpose. I found that often, some people will really encourage you, as well as fluff you with all of the what I call "Build To Nothing" talk. They invite you to seminars and other events with promises to answer that question and when you get there, they begin spouting platitudes that you've heard all too frequently before such as:
  • Believe in yourself
  • You can do it
  • Build a team
  • Find someone who believes in you and what you're doing
  • Go for it
  • Take a leap of faith and trust yourself
Etcetera, blah blah and so on. Don't get me wrong, all of that is good, it is, especially for pep-talks if that's all that is needed. But when you leave all that manifestation of hoopla, you're probably feeling motivated but yet and still left with again, the desire of an unanswered question, Where do I begin? After experiencing this high of the "Build To Nothing" inducement chatter, I made a promise that if I was ever in a position to answer that question, I would try to counter with substance and not a cosmetic spew of jargon or leave someone with the feel of impelled emptiness.

At a young age I understood what type of person I was and growing to become. I learned that I am a dreamer and a doer. I am a visionary and an executor. I am a boss and a worker bee. So, if I ever aspired to do something, I will seek out help from people who I think possess the information, or the knowledge and know-how. However, if that gets me no where, then best believe Quanda R. Graves will find out how to do it herself, even at the cost of big trials and errors, because  what I truly believe about life is that if you try hard enough, eventually you'll be placed in the right location or with the proper people to further your steps, it's just that way. In essence, I look at it like this, if you can help me, I will see what you're sharing, if not, I will find my own way.

I then, learned how to give that question some thought and how to respond. Because often, people know what they want and how to expand it but not how to begin, and vice versa. Sometimes, it's really just the basics we need. Now, some years later, I'm here, and I'm pursuing my dreams and running across people who own some similar, and as I said at the top of this feature, I'm now faced with that a question. Where do I begin? I'm happy to report that I've provided responses to that question many times over and gotten gratefulness and appreciation thrown back at me which let me know that the advice that I've given that I currently use for myself to become an author, poet, entrepreneur and indulge in other endeavors, have worked for others. May they work for you as well.

Basic Beginnings
  • First figure out which dream you would like to tackle first.
  • Research and write down all that is associated with your dream that you need.
  • Create a price list for everything you need.
  • Purchase a device or planner (if you're a planner person) to begin keeping track of all of your purchases and steps.
  • Began purchasing off of your list and crossing them off as you go and move forward from there.
The above is just the basics for your beginning but there is more. Such as deciding if you're going to start from scratch with your savings, or working to launch one product to furnish another product to start. Maybe you want a small business loan, you can also research grants. Last but not at all least, is to remember you are your own team until you can add team members to build one. People don't often see it like this, as none of my friends did until I broke it down on how I envision it. Here it is, the breakdown:

  • You are the accountant: Keep your financials in order (receipts, taxes and business documents, records of revenue and expenditures).
  • You are the administrative assistant: Keep your appointments listed, write the emails, memos, proposals, set up your budget, and contact excel sheets, create and organize your files, check your messages and follow up on your tasks, etc.
  • You are the social media manager: Set up your social medial profiles, write and set up the content for them and update them often.
  • You are the publicist, product manager, advertiser and Marketer: Write your press releases and publish them, write scripts for advertising or have them written, seek out radio features, and other places to be featured. If you have a product, you must find places to host them and more. How your product or services should be marketed , find where to advertise and so on.
  • You are the designer and visionary: You are to create the look, the packaging, come up with the logo, the mission statement, the plan and vision, overall and execute it. Not to mention continuously brainstorming of new ideas to keep your product or services fresh and always work to project your company's future direction.
 I'm just given you an idea as to what you encompass and what your journey entails for your beginning business. So don't sell yourself short. Grow and learn to know to take it one day at a time, at your own pace and make sure to create a belief system that constantly inspires you, keeps you motivated and willing to accept the challenges you will face. 

Whether it's your favorite playlist of music, a vision board of quotes, pictures and scriptures and/or a creatively set up environment, do it. In order to start, this >>>>is  >>>>   where>>>   you>>>  begin. 

Happy beginnings!